form and function with compliant webdesign

W3C compliant XHTML & CSS code
Creating XHTML & CSS valid code has many advantages over the old-fashioned way of designing websites. The best part is to write compliant code that every browser understands and displays correctly.

Next is the separation of content and code, which allows to change the layout fast without interfering with the content. But that is not all - clean designed websites are easily read by search engines and yield a bonus for their clean code, thus making valid code some sort of search engine optimisation. Our pages all validate against the latest standard of XHTML Strict or Transistional and CSS 2.1

design and layout
But not only the code needs to be appropriate, but also the look and feel of a website design. It should reflect your company profile and transport the message of what you want to let the public know.

Therefore experienced graphic artists will design a website matching your corporate identity, giving it a unique and fresh look.

validating websites
Our designs validate against W3C rules. This means, your site is optimized to be viewed in any actual browser, optimal prepared for search engines and utilizing latest techniques to give a high impact when browsing the site.